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MDMAX Pro News
MDMAX Pro now comes in different configurations and you can buy only what you actually need!

MDMAX Pro update to version 1.0.99 is available.

Contains many new features and bug fixes and includes support for Flight Management System (FMS) and for professional JCA 3D external model. This update is free of charge for any registered user. For a list of improvements and to download the update click HERE.

FMS module

It is developed with the same concept already used in MDMAX main panel, which follows every-day, real-life procedures, for maximum realism. New users can still choose if to buy MDMAX without FMS and upgrade later, or buy MDMAX already equipped with FMS (the non-FMS version of MDMAX will not be discontinued).

Professional JCA 3D External model

We made an agreement with JCA - Jet City Aircraft, to use their excellent, top-quality MD model with MDMAX. It comes with 5 paints and additional liveries may be downloaded for free. Exisiting MDMAX users can buy it as an upgrade; new users may either buy MDMAX without the optional 3D External model and upgrade later, or buy MDMAX Pro FULL, containing panel, FMS and optional JCA 3D External model.

For more details and prices, please click HERE

MDMAX Pro Note: Main

What is MDMax

MDMax is a professional MD80 cockpit developed for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. This product is the result of years of work dedicated to researching and developing the most complete and realistic reproduction of the MD80 cockpit, never seen before for a personal computer simulator. Thanks to its many features, this product addresses in particular users who wish to learn the real techniques of how to fly an MD80.
MDMax is offered in a modular form in order to allow users to purchase only the components that interest them. The cockpit represents the essential component. The FMS module is offered separately following a precise training method: in fact, taking into account the complexity of the functions, it is advised to purchase the FMS module only after having completely understood the functions of the cockpit and the traditional techniques on how to fly the MD80. The modules that will gradually follow, such as the 3D model, the liveries and other components, even although they do not influence the use of a professional cockpit, will allow even beginners to fully enjoy this high-end product.
Most parts of the panel are based on custom code, specifically developed to add features not supported by FS, as well as to improve the exsiting ones. This lets to obtain, for example, an extremely reliable Autoland working as in real life, or to get different braking action depending on runway's contamination... and much, much more!

The use of MDMax requires that all realistic procedures of the MD80 are strictly followed.

List of Main features

  • True checklists and full cockpit preparation may be performed.
  • Real startup procedures.
  • Complete cockpit reproduction  
  • Complete hydraulic, electric, pneumatic, fueling, icing, air conditioning and cabin pressurization systems, including automatism.
  • Real and advanced DFGC computer system with thrust rating computation through TRC (TRP)
  • Real EPR settings management.
  • TCAS system integrated on VSI with complete control Xpdr/Tcas control panel.
  • FMA (Flight Mode Annunciator) showing over 60 annunciations for various DFGC selected modes, cautions and advisory lights.
  • PDF, ND (rose, arc, map modes).
  • EFIS control panel.
  • 2 ADF systems usable at the same time.
  • CADC and AHRS internal simulation.
  • Analog and digital instruments.
  • AC/DC powered by APU, External Power, Battery Emergency Bus, Engines.
  • Working X-Feed systems as fuel, pneumatic and electrical.
  • Realistic flight dynamics.  
  • Complete and working Autoland logic is usable also with strong crosswinds conditions up to final alignment at touchdown.
  • Intelligent icing system.
  • EOAP and WAAP displaying caution annunciations and warnings advisories affecting airplane's systems.  
  • Pitot and static ports simulation (ALTERNATE included).  
  • Real cabin temperature management.  
  • Real sound and voice warning and advisory system.
  • Advanced graphics designed for 1600 resolution and vector optimized for particular instruments.
  • Fully working panel lighting with dimming control and cockpit's ambient lighting (panel, flood and thunderstorm). Areas are dimmable separately.  
  • Complete set of cabin announcements.  
  • Full left and right Overhead panel composed by two parts for and easy systems management.
  • Intelligent mouse usage supporting push and pull as needed and mouse wheel.  
  • All systems work as in real aircraft. For example, if you have no or low hydraulic pressure, you will not be able to move flaps (or they move very slowly). If you donít have anti-ice systems properly set, you can experience flight commands lock-up and so on. The flight dynamics are so optimized that your will be able to operate as in real aircraft (for example you can taxi in idle).  
  • Braking action related to the runway surfaces conditions.
  • Internal integrated aircraft loading module (fuel and payload). It works in real time and changes the aircraft's weights and the fuel onboard dinamically without have to use FS menu or reload the aircraft.  
  • Flight recorder data entry, the Flight Recorder system generates an encrypted file that will be readable only with a special external program. This module is mainly intended for professional use but can also be used by all virtual airlines to check the pilots career.  
  • Private logbook.  
  • Automatic pilots ranking system available through the MDMax website to log flight hours and define the career status.  
  • Provided with an automatic/manual checking system for new software versions and upgrades.  
  • Complete manual with logic schemes and cross reference information divided in three volumes (Installation, Procedure Guides, Cockpit Interface, Flight Techniques with demo flight)  
  • Cockpit builders support.  
  • No additional programs required.

MDMAX is modular, buy only what you like!

For availability and pricing click here

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