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MDMAX Pro Update 1.0.98

Release Notes

  • Added support for Flight Management System (FMS). An FMS equipped version of MDMAX is required to use the FMS. Existing users may purchase the FMS add-on separately, and new users may still choose to buy MDMAX with or without the FMS (non-FMS versions can be upgraded anytime)!

  • Added support for professional JCA 3D external model (requires the optional 3D external model, not included in MDMAX Base or MDMAX FMS Pro packages).

  • Much enhanced flight model, with improved climb and descent performance and more realistic takeoff distance.

  • The TCAS is now compatible with multiplayer (compatibility is guaranteed with Flight Simulator’s standard multiplayer; it may work with third parties multiplayer add-ons too, although no explicit guarantee is provided).

  • Much improved fuel system management. Added Center Fuel pumps test during preliminary cockpit preparation (see 1-3-4); the fuel inside the tanks is now burned until it finishes.

  • Fixed glide slope behaviour while landing at high altitude airfields.

  • Added support for external power on ground operations. Press CTRL-W to invoke or disconnect.

  • Fixed oil pressure lights behaviour on the SDP.

  • Fixed Attendant Call Button (7-A) emitting the sound twice.

  • Improved APU startup. Starting the APU, requires the Start Pump switch positioned to ON, otherwise the startup process may stop at approximately 30%. The APU may run with all the fuel pumps in OFF, but for not more than 6-7 minutes, depending on fuel accumulated.

  • Higher precision on turns in HDG SEL mode, under normal operating speeds, when 25° or 30° bank angle is selected.

  • Fixed ADF not tuning frequencies greater than 1000.

  • Improved hydraulic pressure management and brake pressure indication, when brakes are used.

  • Enhanced ATS behaviour when winds are present and SPD SEL mode is active.

  • FGS TURB function enabled. FGCP TURB button (9-X) is now fully working, providing wings level and manual pitch control, should the conditions require it.

  • Fixed the TRP’s NO MODE light not coming ON.

  • Fixed various boarding / loading issues and fuel loading behaviour after deplane.

  • Strobe now works only when a/c on flight mode

  • Added FS kneeboard checklist (press F10 to open...)

  • Corrected weight calculations on Takeoff and Landing Data Form.

  • Fixed fast boarding option, sometimes not finish cargo loading properly.

  • Fixed fuel loading behaviour, starting to refuel by itself, after completing a flight and parking to gate.

  • Added the possibility to perform toe brake calibration, for peripherals supporting it. See Settings under MDMAX menu.

  • Fixed the Supply Air Pressure L / R indicators (8-A) showing zero with engines at idle.

  • Added minor fixes and corrections, including better memory and resource management.

  • Modified manuals; pages: 1-3-1; 1-3-4; 1-3-5; 1-3-9; 1-20-2; 2-2-3; 2-6-1; 2-6-2; 2-7-2; 2-14-8; 2-14-7; 2-14-1; 2-15-2; 2-15-3; 2-15-4; 2-15-5; 2-15-14; 2-16-7; 3-2-1; 3-2-4; 3-3-1; FMS has an its own new volume..

  • ...and more!!

  • To download this update you must supply your user id (the same e-mail used to register MDMAX) and your order number (STXXXXXXX) as password.

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