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FMS Module
The FMS, fully integrated in the aircraft's systems, works in conjunction with other interfaced equipment reducing cockpit workload by eliminating many routine tasks and computations normally performed by the flight crew.

MCDU have separate Display brightness and keyboard backlighting control

The following are the major features of the FMS:

Horizontal and vertical navigation

One route activaction

Performance initialization, optimized speed calculation for economy climb, cruise and descent based on pilot's entered cost indexClimb,

Cruise and Descent pages

Direct TO and direct INTC PDW - Pilot's Defined Waypoints

Active Fix page, with radials and ABEAM functionFlight

Progress pages

Destination change during flight

Missed Approach

Holdings Handles

Company Route, SID, STAR

User's customizable database in plain ascii format

Complete manual with sample flight

Database Info
Worldwide waypoint database is available with MDMAX. Free databases upgrades may follow periodically. Sample SIDs, STARs and company routes are supplied with the installation package and many other are are currently available for download from the MDMAX forum in the dedicated section, where the developing team, as well as the end users, can share their database files. How to build own SIDs, STARs and co-routes files by is fully documented on the manual. In any case, even if SIDs or/and STARs are not available for a chosen flight, fms will display runway selection if found on a special database containing about 5100 airport runway information.


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