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MDMAX Pro Update 1.0.99

Release Notes

  • Improved Flight Director’s logics on certain phases of the flight.

  • Improved flight model: the “deep stall” behaviour, previously happening under very rare and particular circumstances, has been completely eliminated.

  • Added the possibility to reorient the outside view up and down, quickly and smoothly, rotating the mouse wheel. Very useful on landings. Just move the mouse pointer onto an outside view, and rotate the wheel to reorient the view. Wheel’s sensitivity can be set (press CTRL+SHIFT and rotate the mouse’s wheel to set the pan sensitivity value).

  • Flight Info / Fuel Request window: added the possibility to specify up to four alternate airports, for which the METAR is visualized (see 12-A and 3-2-4).

  • Added the METAR report window (press CTRL + SHIFT + M to invoke). Useful, for example, before descent or during approach briefings, to check for weather at destination or alternates.

  • Revised icing, for more reliable simulation.

  • Added icing warnings as METAR remarks, when possible icing conditions exist (please remember that not getting this remark, not necessarily means that icing conditions do not exist, and vice versa). Please see 3-14-2 for more information.

  • Added user’s windows, text display. Please see 0-6-2 for more information.

  • Fixed some issue on panel initialization, when Flight Simulator Create Flight / End Flight commands are invoked.

  • Improved FMS approach database loading.

  • Added “Render 3D Window” option (0-6-1), to lock the panels in fixed positions and prevent accidental movements on mouse operations.

  • The JCA Livery Configurator Helper application has been updated and is available in the download section, please do not use the older version.

  • Added support for MCC (multi crew cockpit) technology, through FsNet. C/M-1 & C/M-2 panels and systems & simulation sharing via Local Area Network and/or Internet (requires optional components). This feature has to be considered "As is" and as an "unsupported feature", due to the fact that it does not belong to the basic characteristics of the MDMAX software.

  • Other fixes and improvements.

  • Updated manuals 0-4-3; 0-6-1; 0-6-2; 1-13-1; 2-2-3; 2-17-2; 3-14-2; 3-2-4; 3-2-5; 3-2-6; 4-7-10;.

  • Note: Due to aircraft title change old flight (.flt) files are not longer compatible.
    If your startup flight included MDMAX simply start FS and change your default flight before install this update or if you already installed it edit your FS9.cfg changing the line containing "SITUATION=your current flight saved.flt" to "SITUATION=".
    FS9.cfg can be easily found by doing:
    windows Start button->Run type %APPDATA%\microsoft\fs9.


    WEB VERSION USERS: To download this update you must supply your user id (the same e-mail used to register MDMAX) and your order number (STXXXXXXX) as password.

    CD VERSION USERS: To download this update you must supply your CD serial (the same used to register MDMAX) as user name and password.


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