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Multi Crew Info

We are happy to announce that MDMAX it is now compatible with FSNet platform features!

This mean that you will be able to fly and share MDMAX systems and simulation with other pilot/s over the Internet and/or a local LAN, choosing between CM1 or CM2 panel and between PF or PNF rule.


Vocal communication can be achieved using ANY voice over IP program such as Team Speak, Skype or Roger Wilco.

We are pretty confident that also the beginners pilots will find this feature the best way to practice when flying with expert users.

We will appreciate your comments and suggestions about multi-crew operations flights with the MDMAX and gates.to/FSNet. However this feature has to be considered "As is" and as an "unsupported feature", due to the fact that it does not belong to the basic characteristics of the MDMAX software.

The following requirements are needed to recreate multi-crew operations within MDMAX:

  • MDMAX Pro version 1.0.99

  • MDMAX FSNet SETUP KIT - To activate MDMAX MCC features, setup panels and configuration files, download and install the free MDMAX FSNet SETUP KIT.
    Different checklist and schematic procedure guide will be available on the fs kneeboard (checklist and reference tab) depending on the selected panel.

  • The gates.to/FSNet platform; FsNet comes with a FREE four hours try-before-you-buy time allowing you to use it without any limitation.

Please download and read the MDMAX FSNET Quick Connection Guide.



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