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Flight Guidance Control Panel: Autopilot and Flight Director
Main Glareshield Panel
the Flight Guidance Control Panel (FGCP - on main Glareshield), you can select and check operational modes of the Digital Flight Guidance Computer (DFCG) that provides data input for the Autopilot (AP), Flight Director (FD), Autothrottle (ATS), speed control (SC), thrust rating (EPR), automatic reserve thrust (ART) and altitude alert.

Two selectable DFCG are fully implemented to provide the relative logics and related aural warnings. To indicate existing operating mode appropriate annunciations will appear on FMA.

The autothrottle and speed control functions are available from takeoff to landing, offering three operational selectable modes and additional ones occur automatically. By using SPD SEL or MACH SEL functions, any desired airspeed can be selected but speed control inputs are limited to prevent commands which exceed flap/slat and Vmo/Mmo limit speeds and to prevent commands lower than safe stall margin speed (ALFA speed). On EPR LIM mode the autothrottle function controls the thrust levers to maintain the selected EPR value, rather than a fixed speed. The EPR value can be selected through the TRI panel by setting the appropriate thrust mode.

Easy user's interface, like in real life push and pull buttons can be operated respectivevely using left and right mouse buttons and most of the digit values can be changed by using the mouse wheel.

Main selectable operational included modes are:

  • DFCG 1/2 switch selector
  • BANK ANGLE selector (10,15,20,25,30)
  • AP switch
  • FD switch
  • ILS
  • AUT/LND (with runway alignment and flare)
  • SPD
  • MACH


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