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MDMAX Pro Update to v.95

Release Notes

  • Added Doors Management for full control of doors, through communication with flight attendants, before and after boarding / loading, as in real life. Aircraft loading / boarding will not work anymore, if the doors are not open!

  • Added Cockpit Door management. No communication with flight attendants is possible with cockpit door closed; if the door is closed when the Load Sheet is delivered, the Calling Reset Switch Light comes ON and a bell is audible: open the cockpit door to receive the Load Sheet.

  • Added an option to show the preselect armed altitude on the FMA, instead of ALT to match some aircompany software.

  • The APU now burns fuel (if the relative option is set).

  • The APU’s Norm / Econ Switch works accordingly, with different fuel burning depending on loads and modes selected.

  • The Apu Fire Cont Switch now works as indicated in the manuals.

  • Corrected load on the battery while APU startup is in progress.

  • Revised fuel burning on taxi and different phases of the flight.

  • Improved flight model and descent.

  • Corrected Mach holding at higher levels and MACH ATL behaviour.

  • Fixed aircraft sometimes “dancing” on ground, under some circumstance (especially in low weight).

  • Fixed various electrical system’s behaviour, including AC CROSS-TIE annunciation.

  • Improved Ice and Anti Ice features, revised pneumatic pressure with engines at idle.

  • Revised Annunciator Panel (EOAP) to reflect more real-life operations, including single display operation on battery-only power, modified annunciations and Cue Switch Lights’ logics. Added annunciations not handled before.

  • Fixed EPR behaviour on Landing Gear test.

  • Fixed Alternate Long Trim Levers toggling the Autopilot Master Switch.

  • Fixed TRP going to NO MODE and FMA executing self-test each time that an electrical bus is reconnected.

  • Corrected cockpit lighting’s behaviours and illumination of several gauges.

  • Fixed Emergency Power, previously not supplying IAS / Mach Indicator and other instruments.

  • Revised Autopilot OFF Warning Lights during test (flashing AP on the FMA, press Z to reset, simulating the Autopilot Release Button mounted on the Pilot’s Control Wheel).

  • Improved, more reliable and precise localizer capturing and tracking for some airport previously affected by strange behaviours. Fixed localizer rarely not intercepting.

  • Roll mode can be HDG SEL, with fully working manual heading selection, while LOC or ILS is armed.

  • Added normal real time refueling (about 1000 Kg per minute), readouts on the Fuel Qty Display unit increment while the fuel loading is in progress, optionally instant fuel loading may be performed.

  • Added as "bonus" METAR report in the Flight Info / Fuel Request window to check weather at origin and destination airfield.

  • Added options to speed-up boarding, loading and refuelling. Boarding can be normal or twice faster; refuelling can be normal or instant.

  • Added missing pre-configured sample flight, as indicated in chapter 16 of Flight Techniques volume (MD80SampleAK1 installed into MDMAX category).

  • Added missing font for ND numbers (it’s no longer necessary to download the font separately).

  • Fixed Load Sheet sometimes not closing with ESC.

  • Fixed scoring system.

  • Added lateral views.

  • Added an option to display on-ground traffic on VSI / TCAS Display Unit.

  • Revised Panel Manager Icon, to support Takeoff / Landing Data Form.

  • Added “Options” menu to MDMAX where some of the above mentioned options can be set.

  • Added minor fixes and enhancement.

  • Updated manuals (you can reprint only the updated pages or chapters). To summarize: chapter 1 and 14 in Flight Techniques volume; 7-B, 7-D, 9-AA, 10-B, 10-K, 10-Y, 12-S, 12-V, Area 14, Area 15, pages 2-2-2 & 2-2-3 in Cockpit Interface; Pages 1-3-2, 1-3-5, 1-5-1, 1-18-1 in Procedure Guide.

Airports Shuttle - Rome

To download this update you must supply your user id (the same e-mail used to register MDMAX) and your order number (STXXXXXXX) as password.

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